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What Is A Pacemaker Check?

A pacemaker check is designed to evaluate the functionality of your pacemaker, and should be conducted at designated times. The test works by using electrodes and a magnet to communicate with a computer. Through the test, the technician can evaluate battery levels and how well the pacemaker has been working. If needed, the technician can also make adjustments to the pacemaker’s settings to better suit your heart.

When Might I Need A Pacemaker Check?

Pacemaker checks should be conducted 24 hours after the pacemaker is implanted and then again 6 weeks later. You will then want to have a check done 3 months after the 6 week point, 6 months after the 3 month point, and a year after the 6 month point. From then on, you should have pacemaker checks conducted annually.

What Should I Expect?

Pacemaker checks are completely painless and should only take about a half hour to an hour to complete. During the check, you will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist up, and lie down. Electrodes and a specialized magnet will be placed on your chest, which will work to communicate activity and functionality to the technician’s computer. If necessary, the technician will make adjustments to your pacemaker’s settings using this specialized magnet.

Note: You may be asked to take a brief walk, so that the technician can see how your pacemaker works during exercise.

How Should I Prepare For The Procedure?

You will not typically need to do anything to prepare for a pacemaker check.

If you have any questions regarding pacemaker checks or their frequency, please ask your doctor during your next visit.

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